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Style – The Historic Edge

A really interesting topic in fashion today is the balance – or rather the imbalance – between Americana trendiness versus the European cultural aesthetic. While the former is far more relatable through it’s modern edge appeal to a younger generation – think gilded bomber jackets and ripped acid-washed jeans – maybe the latter deserves a… Continue reading Style – The Historic Edge

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Adventures in Ireland: Beyoncé in a Dublin World

Oh man, we love Dublin! This past weekend we ventured into the wondrous capital city of Dublin to see Queen Bey and it was everything we imagined and more. Actually scrap that, it was an experience totally beyond anything you could dream of. The concert spoke messages of complete and personal power, while also carrying… Continue reading Adventures in Ireland: Beyoncé in a Dublin World

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The Vitality of Being Mindfull

I’ve the kind of person who’s always thought of mindfulness to simply be a by-product of the naturally positive mind-state of Goldie Hawn. I assumed it involved the crossing of one’s legs on the floor while chanting “OMMMMMM” and trying the feel a tingling in your toes. Or something like that.. However it was only… Continue reading The Vitality of Being Mindfull


“I’m feeling 22” ~ The Perfect Birthday Outfit

Taylor Swift once said to me; “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22.” Yes, yes she did. Today I am most certainly feeling 22 and “happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way {insert thumbs up}” ..whatever that means! I decided a couple of weeks back that I wanted to wear something… Continue reading “I’m feeling 22” ~ The Perfect Birthday Outfit