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“What is One’s Excuse To Dress Up?”

Nowadays, the movement for freedom of expression forefronts modern culture. We live in a world that is steadily attempting to break through barriers and the restraints of past beliefs and outdated functions. More than ever this affects the way we speak to others, what ideas and opinions we give a voice to and for the… Continue reading “What is One’s Excuse To Dress Up?”

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The Barbizon; Rediscovering Grace

“You are an old soul, fortunately housed in very lovely wrapping.” – Michael Callahan, ‘Searching For Grace Kelly’ I recently finished reading the incredibly fascinating Searching For Grace Kelly, the debut novel by Michael Callahan chronicling the fictional lives of three young woman who come to make a life for themselves in 1950’s New York.… Continue reading The Barbizon; Rediscovering Grace

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Sandy; Running Errands in The New York City Rush

After a long trip to Europe it feels good to get back to my regular schedule. A large part of my activities include running errands. Now, if you have been to New York you know that driving around the city is nearly impossible during rush hour (or any hour for that matter). Sometimes it doesn’t even… Continue reading Sandy; Running Errands in The New York City Rush

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BABI-Where my heart lives

Life is Beautiful and Life is Everywhere   The world would be nothing if it weren’t for amazing women in the world who have defined fashion standards. I love my website and I love my brand, without  my life would be so different. However, my life is not just about high fashion and luxury. My… Continue reading BABI-Where my heart lives

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“The City is my Muse”

New York, the art, the individuals, the makers, the creators. New York is the city that takes pride in all of its creations.  You have seen Chris Daze around New York. Maybe not in person, but you have definitely seem him through his art. Chris started his work as a teenager, through graffiti writing.  By… Continue reading “The City is my Muse”