About Persaman New York

Persaman New York is a global, luxurious lifestyle brand. The collection is known for its beautiful prints, Italian leather handbags, luxurious silks, and accessories.


My name is Saman, and I would like to give you a little bit of insight into my world. I love people and I love life. My main priority is to help people around the world, that is why I founded Babi. Babi is a school in India that educates children who might not have access to education otherwise. A generous portion of everything I make from my brand goes to Babi.

As a Fashion Designer, I love arts and culture. Taking pictures and documenting my experience traveling world is of extreme importance to me. Engaging on adventures around India, Paris, and Bogota is fun, but life is even better when I get to share those experiences.

I would like you to join my life as I travel, eat in Chelsea, attend charity events and wear my favorite outfits.

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