Yoga Truths

        You can do yoga anywhere! You can take your personal practice and create and choose what works for you and your body. The essence of yoga is about improving awareness, enjoying life and improving one’s energy.  I am going to share some truths about yoga that have helped my own practice.

Truth 1     You don’t need be flexible to do yoga. If your muscles are tight, yoga will help loosen up, if you are flexible, yoga makes you stronger!

Truth 2     Yoga is a mental and physical state. Physically – yoga is an awareness. Mentally – yoga is an intention.

         If we use yoga for just a physical practice, we will not receive the benefits of what a yoga practice has to offer! Yoga is both a physical and mental practice. People get intimidated by all the deep breathing and crazy Instagram worthy backbends but it’s actually quite simple.

Truth 3     Breathing in yoga helps us to reduce anxiety and achieve a state of relaxation.

Truth 4     There are many types of yoga. You can control your own experience of wellness whether it is a sweaty workout, healing an injury, sleeping better or less anxiety.

The Final Truth     Yoga is simple, it works at your pace and for your life. I hope it’s as great for you as it has been for me!


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