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A Dress In Europe

Following on from our last post, we think the Europe vs American style debacle is too interesting and too much of an multi-angle topic not to discuss further.


So today we’ll have a little chat about how this difference in continent inspires a different approach to style which can also cause a different take on a lifestyle aesthetic.


Yesterday, as I was sitting in a coffee shop with a latte and an extra glossy magazine, I stumbled upon an interview with Swedish actress and the muse of our last post – Alicia Vikander. In it she spoke openly about her European sentimentality, its strength in her life and how she could not imagine substituting her London home for one in America. It seemed like such a fascinating statement to me because it was such an obvious thing – it made total sense. With most actors and/or celebrities, their vibe leaves off a fluid international flare. At a push we could believe they’re native of New York or Sydney or Berlin, but Vikander’s not like that. That is to say, you probably won’t see her sporting a backwards baseball cap any day soon. The Oscar winner’s sense of fashion and other tastes are so European in their focus that of course, her distinctive lifestyle choice is a branch off of it.


So it begs the question – do people base their love of their own personal style on where they live or rather, where they would like to live? Is style an altogether overall result of location or how you perceive it? Maybe it’s true that your favourite dress is your favourite dress because it reminds you of a glorious vacation you took in the Maldives or a romantic weekend in Paris or a business trip to Perth. Maybe ..


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