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Style – The Historic Edge

A really interesting topic in fashion today is the balance – or rather the imbalance – between Americana trendiness versus the European cultural aesthetic.


While the former is far more relatable through it’s modern edge appeal to a younger generation – think gilded bomber jackets and ripped acid-washed jeans – maybe the latter deserves a second look.

Because the European sense of dress grounds itself in traditional shapes and classic silhouettes (aka Alicia Vikander’s wonderful personal style), it also has the forward advantage of being a well-rehearsed look and remains on the tamer side of glitter and neon. Therefore it’s a great deal more difficult to get it wrong as it doesn’t rely on new artistic invention in fashion.Alicia-Vikander-Dress-W-Magazine-Golden-Globes-Party

The argument that modern style makes a greater impact because of the likes of Kylie Jenner, Alexa Chung and numerous influential others who endorse it, is actually debatable! Rather counteractive, perhaps the case could be made that because this European look, with a greater nod towards classical feminine clothing patterns, is far more attractive because it is not over-flooded and overused by the masses. By being distinctive, by still remaining fresh and exciting, by being Vikander-esque, surely it is a concept in style still noteworthy!?


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