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Locational Dressing??

I wonder does everyone believe – as in, is it a thing – that we dress differently in different environments not because of humidity or practicality but based on how free we feel?

I’ve certainly been guilty of this from time to time.

There’s nothing better than planning a vacay to the Caribbean and you finally get the chance to wear those lace shorts you’ve put off wearing fro months. The thing is though, you could have worn them! But for some reason you never did. Perhaps it’s because we’re stuck in a rut with our daily clothing choices, or perhaps we think something may be viewed as inappropriate by other and maybe it even comes down to the people we know we’ll meet wearing those shorts (the judgemental, stuffy kind we shouldn’t be associating with anyway!)

All in all, it all boils down to confidence and our understanding of our individual style regardless of anyone else.

We say wear those shorts girl, wear them proud!!

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