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The Vitality of Being Mindfull

I’ve the kind of person who’s always thought of mindfulness to simply be a by-product of the naturally positive mind-state of Goldie Hawn.

I assumed it involved the crossing of one’s legs on the floor while chanting “OMMMMMM” and trying the feel a tingling in your toes. Or something like that..

However it was only last weekend that I learned a true lesson in mindfulness, an understanding of myself and an awareness of the energies of others. A conversation with an extremely difficult relative was the cause of this.

We all know these people – the ones who only offer up a negative space, the ones who only seek to overwhelm you and make you feel small and worthless.

Initially this encounter make me feel overwhelmingly unsettled in myself, vulnerable and upset. Once the sadness had left however, I took the opportunity to reflect that feeling into contemplation of what had happened. I brought logic and truth into the equation. I became mindful of myself and of this relative and from that I understood the difference between who I truly am and what they think I am.

From then on, they simply could not touch me.

I feel like this is a vital lesson in our society where so much guilt, brutality and intimidation can be imposed and passed around so willingly. We should be able to know ourselves outside of the vision and thoughts of others. We should know this with every part of our being, because with that, negative ideas and judgements have no power.

Like a gentle breeze on a summer’s day, they brush past us quickly and we hardly feel a thing.

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