“I’m feeling 22” ~ The Perfect Birthday Outfit

Taylor Swift once said to me; “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22.”

Yes, yes she did.

Today I am most certainly feeling 22 and “happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way {insert thumbs up}” ..whatever that means!

I decided a couple of weeks back that I wanted to wear something young and fresh and yet something a bit more sophisticated than anything I have worn before. After all 22 is an age where being an adult comes more into play than ever before and the perfect to start dressing a bit more grown up and elegant.


For this occasion I opted for the Elisa Satchel bag which to me, seemed like a perfect combination of subtle glamour and a simplicity. Already I was excited to have this fabulous bag for the day. But then cam the dress. I chose Ruby, a dress so stunning with its delicate embroidery patterns that I knew it was the one was soon as I saw it.


And with that, I headed off into the night “dancing like we’re .. 22!”

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