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What’s In A Dress?

It’s easy to forget the power of a dress.

This modern era for women sees us rushing around all day, holding one job, two or maybe 3, and making time to spend with family, friends and some vital peace and quiet time on our own. It’s totally understandable then that our clothing has become more and more practical as time goes on.

The ‘Camillia’ Dress, $158.00

This is a something I completely identify with.

But only yesterday, as I was trying on a new dress in the back room of the boutique, I found myself pausing in front of the mirror. I stayed like that a while, all the time inspecting every detail, thread work and changing texture on an image I hardly recognised as myself. And somehow it brought me back to my younger years. Those days I dreamed of dreamlike sunsets and barley fields, romantic summers and tailored suits. Idealistic by nature, still, I realised something good had been lost in my career focused hectic, coffee logic days. And it took that a fleeting moment in a beautiful summer dress to bring back.

The ‘Adele’ Dress, $425.00

So while it’s perfectly fine to prefer a shirt and pant, sometimes something magical happens when you invest in a dress. For those who like me, once dreamed of wearing a fluttering, shimmering dress when you grew up but gave it up, know it’s not too late to bring that fairy tale-like envision to your day running errands around town.

The ‘Island’ Dress, $148.00

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