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“What is One’s Excuse To Dress Up?”

Nowadays, the movement for freedom of expression forefronts modern culture. We live in a world that is steadily attempting to break through barriers and the restraints of past beliefs and outdated functions. More than ever this affects the way we speak to others, what ideas and opinions we give a voice to and for the sake of this post, how we create our own appearance.

Because although this expansion into ‘anything goes’ is undeniable, so is the lingering presence of political correctness, a certain degree of knowing right from wrong. So when our friends ask us whether the glamorous dress they’re wearing for a new date looks too much or if their false lashes look too long, or even if their shoes are too eye-catching, we can’t say we’re surprised!

There still exists a stigma surrounding the relationship between clothes and occasion, as in the understanding that denim is inappropriate to wear to a wedding, that has the ability to result in our friends not being able to enjoy their first date with a great guy because they’re too paranoid about losing a feather off of their just worn Haute Couture skirt. (I.e. a lowering self-confidence)

And so what we say to those friends is a very simple thing. If when you are getting dressed for the morning, lunchtime or perhaps, the evening opera, and you feel fabulous when you see your reflection in the mirror, there’s no reason to doubt it once you’re outside your front door. No amount of people’s differing opinions or the instillation of political correctness should change your own awareness of your own style.

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