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The Barbizon; Rediscovering Grace

“You are an old soul, fortunately housed in very lovely wrapping.” – Michael Callahan, ‘Searching For Grace Kelly’

Grace Kelly at the Barbizon Hotel

I recently finished reading the incredibly fascinating Searching For Grace Kelly, the debut novel by Michael Callahan chronicling the fictional lives of three young woman who come to make a life for themselves in 1950’s New York. Inspired by the glamorous footsteps of the iconic actress Grace Kelly as well as Joan Crawford, Lauren Bacall and others, they take residency in the very place their idols did on their journeys to stardom ~ The Barbizon Hotel For Woman.

The Barbizon, circa 1955

When reading this story, I was struck by the inclusion of specific locations around our amazing city. For anyone who knows New York well or even – at all – Callahan’s retelling of what we consider our modern day hot-spots in Central Park, Midtown, Downtown or SoHo, totally remodels our daily perceptions of this city.

The Barbizon Today, 140 East 63rd Street

You can’t help but contrast the height of glamour that the city stood for at that time and the favouring of trendiness in fashion that is often more sought after nowadays. Here at Persaman New York, we aim is to hold on to that ideal of glamour while being accessible to the modern person believe that’s a concept followed by many modern glamizons who understand the brilliance in combining past and present styles.

Residents lounging in the hotel

Those who read this book will not be able to put it down. So be ready to become completely inspired by the vintage style aesthetic of these young woman but what’s more, to fall in love once again with the beautiful view of New York City that had been momentarily forgotten.

Typical fashions of those who called the Barbizon home

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