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An Adventure In Ireland ~ Secrets Of The Countryside

I’m here to let you in on a little secret.

If in the near future you happen to find yourself on a slightly too narrow plane seat on your way to visit the beautiful Emerald Isle – you may want to reconsider your itinerary.


Despite what you’ve been lead to believe about Ireland, the country’s marketing of tourist spots does not make a definitive listing. Actually, we here at Persaman New York suggest you scrap that list altogether ~ yes the Jameson Distilleries and the Blarney Stones of this world ~ and instead bask in the many hidden treasures to be discovered along the country’s magical coastlines, inlets and wooded natural trails.

Persaman New York was given the opportunity to explore the beautiful area of East Cork and from there our adventures began –

East Ferry, Midleton, Co. Cork

The first stop on our tour was the very tranquil, the very beautiful East Ferry, which is located a 10 minute drive outside of the town Midleton. The landscape here is dominated by steeped rolling hills, forestry and a river housing numerous yachts and row boats. The houses are few and far between, making this spot the ultimate choice for a family picnic by the local pub or for a leisurely drive under the pines.

Rostellan, Cloyne, Co. Cork

A short drive away sits the picturesque village of Rostellan. Rich in its history and its storybook quality, this place is a must-see for anyone who wishes to behold the quaint and traditional Ireland of yesteryear. Rostellan provides stunning views across the water to the now distant East Ferry and is a favourite for many locals who enjoy a fresh morning’s walk along the waterside promenade.

Roche’s Point, Co. Cork

Sunset arrived, as it always seems to do on a chilly Irish day, far too quickly. However this made for the perfect photo opportunity when we reached our final destination for the day at Roche’s Point. The silhouette of the Point is struck by the speckling of colored houses overlooking the sea below and the ever in motion lighthouse up on the clifftop. Visitors are encouraged to not be deterred from the rocky beach there, for although it is not the most comfortable to sunbathe for long hours on, it is perfect for an evening’s walk. Roche’s Point strikes you as a place that allows for the breathing space to reflect and let go of all the anxieties of daily life. It is a place, like so many of the others we saw on this trip, where time stops and for this, it is simply spellbinding.


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