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Summer Tunics

The city of New York is getting warmer and warmer. Summer is almost here! Between social gatherings and work life, a lady always needs some time to vacation away from it all. Finding comfortable elegant travel clothes for your vacations can be challenging- specially if you are traveling in the summer heat.

Tunics offer a special comfort and stylish option for those heated days. Its does not matter if you are on a safari in Africa, tanning at the Hampton’s or lounging in under the sun’s rays in Miami Beach.


Harlie the Tunic is a must have for your resort excursions. This stunning crotched tunic in pale pink will transform your travels with glamour. We are taking “travel in luxury” to another level. The design is precise and gentle, unique and simple. Everything you need to look flawless and fashionable without giving up comfort.


Harlie is designed for a subtle flow so you are always aired well in the summer heat. Harlie will compliment your figure but give you enough room to move.


Traveling in fashion is empirical but traveling comfortably is just as important. Harlie gives you both.


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