Mario- Men’s Briefcase

They say that men exclusively shop for the things they need. But if have ever been shopping with your fiancee, you know that is not true. 0Men shop for things that add value into their life.

Mario, our vegetable tanned leather briefcase is the pinnacle of practical and luxurious. Starting on the exterior, one sees the benefit of the outside pockets. Whether it’s their reading or sun glasses, or just some pens and business cards, the two outer pockets are designed to carry immediate necessities.


The two inner pockets serve as a divider for different types of folders. One is for the business deals with their customers, while the other pocket carries papers for their new office in London.


Whether its the tablet, a business contract, Mario is for the modern man to carry all their necessaries to and from the office. The sturdy and stylish leather briefcase that won’t fail your man.


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