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Sandy; Running Errands in The New York City Rush

After a long trip to Europe it feels good to get back to my regular schedule. A large part of Screenshot 2016-03-06 12.55.15my activities include running errands. Now, if you have been to New York you know that driving around the city is nearly impossible during rush hour (or any hour for that matter). Sometimes it doesn’t even make sense to ask my chauffeur to drive me around because the places I want to go to are only 3 minutes by foot but sometimes 10minutes by car.

In other words, it’s up to me to look absolutely chic in rain, snow or heat. We all know a girl is nothing without shoes, glasses and a nice bag. However, not all bags complement every occasion. Different bags suit very specific needs. For me, Sandy does it every time I need to run around the New York City rush in my heels.

Screenshot 2016-03-06 13.01.26

Sandy, is my loyal companion. I feed her with my credit cards, wallets, makeup bag, phone,and legal documents. She fits it all. When I am on the phone with the principal of BABI, the school I founded for children in India, or when I am holding multiple things at once Sandy holds it together for me. She has big spacious pockets yet everything is very easy to locate. Sandy has a credit card slip so I can put the credit cards I’ll be using for the day in one convenient place. Nothing beats practicality.

Screenshot 2016-03-06 13.01.38.png

Just kidding! Style beats practicality. Every time. Sandy’s classic colors and smooth leather beats the classic big-errand bag. The design is very bohemian chic so I can carry it anywhere. However, it’s elegant chic  is perfect to grab lunch at a hotel with my girlfriends after I’m done. The round handles and the option to use it as a cross-body only adds more flavor to my style.

Right now, I actually have to go back to the bank to deposit some money for a new playground in BABI. Got to finish my errands. Bye

Screenshot 2016-02-25 10.58.35

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