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BABI-Where my heart lives

Life is Beautiful and Life is Everywhere


The world would be nothing if it weren’t for amazing women in the world who have defined fashion standards. I love my website and I love my brand, without  my life would be so different.

However, my life is not just about high fashion and luxury. My heart lives in a village in India three hours from Delhi. Here is where little children learn, play,and eat.

I founded BABI, a school in my father’s name, for underprivileged children  that might not have access to education other wise. The school starts from Kindergarten to 5th grade.  The children are as small as 5 years old and go up to 15 years old.

Screenshot 2016-02-25 10.58.56.png

At BABI it’s normal to see a 15 year old sitting next to a six year old eager and excited to better themselves. Some of the older ones take classes with the 1st graders because they didn’t have access to education until now.  Their eagerness to learn is infectious. During playground hours, they come up to me and recite new words they learned in english. This is an incredible journey for me as well. Screenshot 2016-02-25 10.58.35.png

BABI inspires me to be better, work harder and make that change. Right now I am looking to add up to 8th grade so we can better our school. The children might not be able to continue their education after they leave BABI because education costs are so high in other places in India. If I don’t keep on expanding BABI, my students might never go past 5th grade. Working on Persaman New York is of extreme priority to me so I can keep on having an impact on their lives.

Screenshot 2016-02-25 10.58.22.png

BABI puts me in my BABI World where the world is one, with no boundaries and no borders. The school has become a true integration of different communities. They go to school with a passion and a hunger with a unified purpose to better themselves.

Every time I visit BABI’s Village the children greet me with huge smiles and hugs. And every time I leave, a part of my heart stays with them longing until I come back.

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