Penelope the Poncho

Ahhh, winter months.

After New York got hit by Jonas staying warm is simply a necessity. Although this winter has been semi-warm, we cant walk around the city in tanktops when there is still snow on the ground!

The best part? You don’t have to sacrifice style to keep some heat! Penelope is a turtle neck poncho that is stylish everywhere you go. My favorite part about this poncho is that it’s very light, unlike a a heavy winter jacket-its not a burden to carry. However, this poncho will definitely keep you warm and cozy through out the day!

Not to mention that ponchos are a winter must. Sweaters, cardigans and light jackets are nice to have in your closet. They are always necessary for one thing or another. However, ponchos are a fashion statement- as long as you wear it the right way.

I like to match Penelope with Marina the bag. Since the poncho is made out of cashmere and its very soft to the touch, I like to contrast my bag by doing a smooth leather satchel. I think that the satchel adds elegance to the look.

So that way when you have  to run errands in the cold of the city, you can still keep warm, light and chic.

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