Botero; “the Most Colombian of Colombian Artists”

If you have been in the Columbus Circle Mall in Manhattan then you might have noticed these sculptures…


What you may not know, is the genius behind this art. His name is Fernando Botero. Botero is a Colombian figurative artist and sculptor who became famous for developing a type of art called Boterismo.

Boterismo is the art of depicting people in exaggerated large quantities of volume or size. In other words, he is known for drawing and sculpting fat people. No, not to make fun of them but rather, to occasionally make political social commentary. Genius right?

This worldwide phenomena for Boterismo can be found in Manhattan, in Paris- Champs Elysee to be specific, across Spain, and of course Colombia. Many famous international museums and as well as private collectors keep his work.

Botero Plaza is in Medellin, the place where Fernando was born. This plaza or public square only displays his sculptures. Botero Plaza is known wordwide and attracts many tourists to Medellin, Colombia.

My favorite part about Fernando Botero is his passion for art. While many artist sell their work for millions of dollars, Botero refused to sell a single painting for a series called the “Abu Ghraib” series. The series only depicted prisoners from the Iraq war and their stories. Instead, Botero decided to only donate his art work to museums.

This image was taken from flickr.com

Botero is the self proclaimed “the Most Colombian of Colombian Artists” although he lived in Europe for many years.

Lucky for us, we don’t have to travel to Colombia to see his work. Instead we can admire him by taking the uptown train to Columbus Circle and taking a stroll around the mall…


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