Positano- a City of Wonders

By now, I am sure you know that I love Italy.

Italy has small towns that reminds me of my childhood. It is beautiful, safe, and most importantly- magical.

I flew into Naples and took a taxi to Positano for only 100 euros. I stayed at Positano for few days and had that magical experience every adult wants. I relaxed and had fun away from all the worries of my busy work schedule.


The beach is so amazing. The ocean is so clean that the water is nearly see-through.

Positano is a small town in the cost of Italy. It is near Naples, so the beach is at The Tyrrhenian Sea. This small town is straight out of a Disney movie. The small narrow streets are lined with coffee shops and artisan boutiques. At night time the city really comes to life.IMG_7270

My daughter Shainaya really enjoyed walking around town eating Gelato. We had great family time together spend laughing, eating and sightseeing.

My husband and my other daughter really liked the trip we took on a small yacht.  It was more beautiful watching Positano from the sea than it was from the city itself. This was also one of my favorite parts. Before the yacht made its way back to the dock, we jumped in the sea and swam around a bit.


If you don’t like the New York beaches because the is water so cold that you shiver from touching it, then you would love the Tyrrhenian Sea. The water is unlike anything you have ever swam in. It is fresh, so you cool down from the hot sun, but its not cold. I really enjoyed laying on my back and floating in the ocean.

The people at Positano were warm and friendly. A friend we made at the hotel took us on a walk to a part of Positano that not to many tourist get to see. Over all, my vacation there was spectacular. The weather, the people, the laid-back culture, everything about Positano is amazing.


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