Le Cirque

I had the most amazing experience at Le Cirque. This French- Italian restaurant is 3 of my favorite things- elegant, luxurious and exquisite.  The restaurant is at 151 E 58th st in New York City.  Le Cirque is owned by an Italian family called the Maccionis.

My experience here was delightful; the food, the service, the overall environment was splendid. I had a magnificent time with my family and I hope you do too.


I started the meal with an appetizer called Black Truffle Risotto. Basically it was a Ferron Nano Rice in a truffle sauce. It was absolutely delicious!

The Truffle Risotto was followed by the Vegetarian Cassoulet. This main meal had winter vegetables, spinach, leeks puree, and black truffle carpaccio. As you know, health is of extreme importance for me. I take good care of what I eat so I had to go vegetarian. But The menu had many options with lamb and chicken.


The Vegetable Cassoulet was both filling and light. The sauce was great and very nutritious.

Of course, you know me, I had to have two desserts. One dessert is just simply not enough! The Mint Chocolate Vacherin was our first choice.


This is a chocolate mousse, chocolate meringue with mint ice-cream. Yummy!

That’s right- you guessed it. My second dessert was the Creme Brulee Le Cirque. You can never go wrong with Creme Brulee at a French restaurant.


Last but not least- The Capuccino. I am one of those people that can tell when a capuccino was brewed properly. Let me tell you, this capuccino was every coffee-lovers delight.The creamy, soft, slight bitterness of my cappuccino paired well with sweet deserts. My cappucino was like an espresso with a taste of luxury inside.

Delicious! Delicious! Delicious!

This restaurant had spectacular meals! Whatever you order, don’t forget french fries. They were crunchy and fresh-best french fries I ever had!



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