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“The City is my Muse”

New York, the art, the individuals, the makers, the creators.

New York is the city that takes pride in all of its creations.

 You have seen Chris Daze around New York. Maybe not in person, but you have definitely seem him through his art. Chris started his work as a teenager, through graffiti writing.  By the late 70’s you would see his paintings on all of the 5 boroughs of New York’s streets and subway system. The City of New York was his canvas.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 14.52.30
You can find this original Picture at

However, he did move on to a regular canvas and started figurative painting with many elements of street style.  Chris, known as “Daze”, began his transition to studio art in 1980 at Sam Esses Studio.

Now Chris Daze uses the initial aura of the graffiti movement and combines this with his training on figurative narrative. Daze likes to use regular acrylic and oil, but he never left spray paint behind.  His unique work reflects his love for the city.

Daze’s inspiration is the rush of the subway, the pigeons on the window sills, the diversity of people. He captures the lives of the average New Yorker and celebrates the culture of the city through his art.


Screenshot 2016-01-29 15.11.46
You may find this Picture at his website

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