Kaelyn, A Girl’s Best Friend

Do you have that one girlfriend that always looks fabulous, is beyond elegant and always complements your outfits? Well say “Hello”, because I am about to introduce you to your new best friend.

We all know that a girl needs at least one bag that goes well with everything. It works well in every season, you can take it to every event, and it will compliment anything you wear. If you still haven’t found it yet, look no further.

Kaelyn is a “go-to” purse. You have to have at least one of these in your closet. Kaelyn stays perpetually classy in red and black.  The cuts indicate delicacy and elegance. The golden ring on the sides have a subtle studs.

On the inside, you have a thin coin pocket that separates the inside in two sections, ideal for personal organization. Although the handle  is all you need, Kaelyn comes with straps for personal convenience.

You can easily take Kaelyn to the club, to a date, or to work-and she won’t fail you. Regardless of your outfit she will give you an air of elegance. Take her to an after party in your black cocktail dress. Or take her out with a pantsuit and a blazer. Wearing Kaelyn is like wearing your black and red pair of  Christian Louboutins. Simply, you can never go wrong in this look.

When you buy the bag, you will be able to keep it and reuse it for as long as you live. That’s right, the sleek  elegant look is not going out of style and neither is Kaelyn- regardless of what’s trending.

Did you just say something?

Oh yes, you are very welcome. Introducing life long friends is what I do best.




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