Eva; The Mother of Luxury

Women were chosen to carry children and give life- what a lovely gift from mother nature!

However being a new mom does not mean leaving your style behind. Quite the opposite, it is a new opportunity to pull out new trends. Carrying baby bags with Disney themes might be a little awkward during work hours. Scratch that, carrying 5 year old themed bags anywhere you go is not very luxurious. That is why bags like Eva exists.

Eva’s chic partially comes from the two colors it comes in. White and beige give it a very graceful look.  On the other hand, the black and light brown color gives Eva a more fierce posture. Both of them are simple yet fashionable, making them perfect for fancy business meetings. Not to mention, the delicacy on the details and cuts. The classic design won’t demand attention, the way a Spiderman tote will, instead it will let you do all the talking.

This elegant tote is big enough to carry your personal items, while providing enough space for your baby’s necessities as well. The tote measures 13 inches in length, 14inches in height and 5 inches in width. The open space inside the bag allows you to adjust your items as you wish. You can carry your new Macbook Air against the side, your wallet, phone, and makeup bag on a corner. Yet, still have enough space to add baby powder, a bottle of milk, and a toy for your child. As if that was not enough, due to the height, you can still add on more necessary items on top.

The handles are long enough to carry on your shoulders, yet the weight of the bag is light. Translation? No additional pressure. Since the handles are flat they wont leave unwanted marks on your skin.

Screenshot 2016-01-26 14.35.46

Of course, this tote is perfect for everything not just motherhood. Eva is ideal for sleepover’s at a friends house after work, for traveling to other countries, and of course for carrying your MCAT book and study guide. For any situation that you might need to pack a lot of things in style- Eva’s got your back.

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