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Cancun a Spring Break Must

I don’t want to hear that you have not started planning your spring break yet. It is approximately 2 or so months away, and let me tell you, the hotels get booked out fast. Check out your work’s spring break schedule, grab an old girlfriend from college and go to Cancun!

1) Cancun Provides a Beach Get-Away

Cancun is the perfect beach get-away from your crazy city girl lifestyle. Although we love the New York City lifestyle, we’ve got to admit the beach life is not so bad either. Actually, it’s not bad at all. Think about it: You get an effortless tan, your hair naturally waves because of the salt, you get to swim in the blue seas, and it is relaxing. What was the last time you saw sand that white or an ocean that blue? If it has been more than 5 months, then you are in desperate need for a beach like the one in Cancun.

2) Cancun is Relatively Close

Just cause you need a little beach get away does not mean you need to travel halfway around the world. It certainly does not mean you have to spend a fortune either. The best part about Cancun is that traveling there only takes few hours. So you can leave right after work and get to the beach to see the sunset. Also, if your boss has a major disastrophe during your vacation (doesn’t it seem that all bosses seem have to have a meltdown during your break?) you can jump in a plane and be back in the city in no time. The round-way plane ticket will certainly be cheaper than if you travel to Bali. Since the currency in Mexico is much cheaper than American dollars you can also see more touristic places and spend more time shopping than if you traveled to the beach in France.  All in all, spending your spring break at Cancun is practical and easy.

Screenshot 2016-01-26 14.08.56.png

3) It will Keep Up with your Luxurious Lifestyle

If have not been there to the Ritz Carlton in Cancun, then that is where you must book your hotel. This is a beautiful classy place for business men and women who are looking to getaway.

The hotel is unbelievable. Everything from the design of the hotel itself to the costumer service will leave you bedazzled. They have several spa treatments and massages. The Ritz also provides their guest with many activities on the beach like motor boating, parasailing, kayaking, water skiing, and snorkeling.

Screenshot 2016-01-26 14.21.29
Carry this gorgeous black beaded dress. It keeps you elegant and beachy!

Cancun is an ideal city for people looking for a relaxed spring break getaway!


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