Tyra, The Bold

Winter has finally come upon us. The lovely storm that just attacked New York City has left a white blanket of snow on our favorite city. For those of us that have to be out and about in a dull winter coat, I’m here to tell you there is a little relief for our wardrobe’s color pallet

NYC snow

One of my favorite parts about winter style is wearing neutral colors. Basil Green, Grey, and Black usually look good on most people, but sometimes we end up looking like we just came from a funeral during the winter, which is exactly why it is so important to match neutral colored outfits with the right bag.

Screenshot 2016-01-23 21.27.44

Tyra is the perfect companion for the winter weather. Many times I use the same coat throughout the winter, but your choice of purse is what makes each day special. With so much color repetition, accessories are truly what makes a difference. I like the Tyra bag because it is very unique in it’s  design. The cuts are very special and the diagonal strap is quite distinct. Tyra has a defiant air, I haven’t been able to find another design that spunks up the cold of the winter while remaining eccentrically elegant.

Screenshot 2016-01-23 21.26.09

I like my bags to be unusually bold in the winter. With everything else around me looking so pale, I’m glad to have my Tyra to stand out.  I like to pair up Blue/Orange Tyra with a strong necklace and a fun ring or the Black/Yellow bag with a colorful lip and long earrings. Either way my favorite part about being bold is hearing all my friends complement my style.


I hope you have a great time taking bold choices with your outfits!


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