Jill: Elegance and Practicality


“It’s the little things that make life wonderful”


Jill makes the perfect bag for running errands around New York. When  you are busy going from place to place talking with people, carrying heavy bags only makes it harder. Jill provides an easier way for your vivacious lifestyle.

This little bag is like a breath of elegance. It’s  clear cut, simple and small. Everything you need for the city that never sleeps. However, Jill is big enough to fit your basic necessities.

Cell phone? Check.

Wallet? Check.

Extra touch of elegance? Check.

Style? Check.

Screenshot 2016-01-22 16.27.10

However, it will never get in your way when you need to go pick up your poodle from the Groomer. Or when you go sign the lease to your new apartment.  Jill is a Cross Body bag, unlike many clutches, you still have both hands available. This bag is the pinnacle of practicality and luxury.


Jill won’t yell for attention, instead the classic cuts will blend with your office-chic look.



Screenshot 2016-01-22 16.25.58The green bag is perfect for that job interview that you always wanted to land. The playfulness in the color is exactly what you need for that extra boost of confidence. Ready for a girl’s night out? Grab your burgundy bag. When you are looking for the extra touch of sexy, grab your sleek black bag. There is nothing more date-night worthy than Jill in black.

All in all, Jill is a small fashionable trend. It’s  a classic must have for your closet.





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