5 Tips for a Great Stay at Capri, Italy

“The general knowledge of time on the island depends, curiously enough, on the direction of the wind.”

John Millington

If you are looking for the perfect getaway look no further than Capri, Italy. The water is deep blue, the people are inviting and the food is AMAZING! The last time I went I had a wonderful experience and I hope to let you in on a few insider’s tips.

  1. Rent a Vespa:

The whole island is so picturesque that of course you want to see as much of it as possible. The roads are pretty narrow so you’re best bet is to rent a vespa in order to get around easily.


2. Check out the beach clubs:

No, not night clubs- beach clubs. My two favorite beach clubs are Da Luigi and Fontelina. Although, honestly all the beach clubs I’ve been to have been pretty great. Many of them do not have a beach per say, instead they are in the rocks, but you can rent a mat and an umbrella. Give the attendants a few extra euros and they’ll make sure to give you a fantastic spot.Capri Bird Eye

3. Go around the island on a private boat

Capri is small enough for you to accomplish that, and you MUST not leave without doing this. This little adventure is worth doing a thousand times. My boat stopped in front of a cave, so of course I jumped off and swam straight in.

It is within the underground caves of the island that you get to appreciate Capri.  The mesmerizing  reflection of the rocks in the sea remind me of a story of hidden treasures. The Italian cost has hundreds of years of history: Wars, culture, gold, pirates, empires and you get to swim into the blue depths of the cave that might have had gold hidden there for many centuries.


4. Visit Anacapri

This is a little topography lesson. Ready? Okay so the lowest bottom of the hill, where the beach is at, is called Capri. However, when you travel up in elevation you are going to reach Anacapri. Tada! You just learned something new!

Map Capri

Anyway, at Anacapri you can really take in the culture of the locals. They try very hard to keep their Italian heritage despite the massive amounts of foreigners that come visit the island. The tiny little streets hold artisan shoemakers, small vegetable gardens and small shops. The scent of lemon and flowers make your journey beyond magical.The best part is that there is a chairlift from Anacapri to the highest point of the island for a dazzling view.

5) Try New Food

Of course the main dishes on the island are seafood, but let me tell you everything is super fresh, straight off the boat fresh. You have not lived until you try their fish dishes. Trust me you’ll be licking your fingers. Also, something fun to do is to take boats to many different restaurants. Yes, that’s right, take the boat to the restaurant. The trip in itself is worth the whole meal.


6. Pack the right clothes

Since the general aura of the island is very laid back, you want to dress accordingly. It is nice and warm but you won’t want to stay in your bikini all day. Check out this item. Its embroidery will spice things up a little bit, but I can assure you that it is casual enough to lounge around in.


I hope you have a wonderful time in Capri. Remember that life is beautiful and you only get to live once so make sure to enjoy your vacation!






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